Sometimes when all the doubts, the fear and the insecurity encompass us, we come up with the following idea, “I would have liked to be someone else.” Moreover, we think that some or even most people are better than us – when, in fact, the truth is that most people are more frightened than we are.

Watch a gorgeous girl standing alone at a party, sipping from a glass of Martini from time to time. You think “looks extremely calm and confident.” But if you could see in her mind, you could find many shady thoughts and you might be amazed at the fact that she thinks “do people talk about being alone here? … why is not it appealing? I do not like my ankles, they look too thin … I want to be as smart as my best friend. ”

We look at a young entrepreneur and say, “Oau … what more could he want?” But he looks at the mirror and says, “Hate my big eyes … I wonder why my friends do not talk to me. that mother and father deal with problem solving. ”

Is not that funny? We look at other people, we envy them because they look scandalously perfect and we want to be able to change their place with them while they look at each other at the same time and think the same thing. We are insecure over the other people who are themselves insecure. We suffer from low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and we lose hope for improvement because we are locked in a silent despair.

Sometimes you notice that you have an annoying habit, such as tearing your nails with your teeth, or you fill your mouth with food, and you, of all, are the last to realize that.

I have a girlfriend who never sings the talk. And in most conversations I seem to be the only person interested in what he says. So, all other friends tend to avoid the circles they are in, and she does not even realize how serious her social disability is – gradually affecting the people around him.

A key element of personal improvement is to ASCALL and SPEAKE with a trusted friend. Find someone in front of whom you can open even on some sensitive topics. Ask questions about the gene “Do you think I’m rude?”, “Am I always so logical?”, “Do I talk too loudly?”, “Do I smell my breath?”, “Are you ever bored when we are together? Thus, the other person will realize that you are interested in self-improvement. Borrow his ears for comments and criticism and do not give him answers like “Do not overdo it! That’s my way of being! ” Open your mind and soul. And in return you will want to help your friend with constructive criticism to improve himself.

A verse of Whitney Huston’s song is this: “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” It’s true. To love others, you have to love yourself too. Remember that you can not offer what you do not have.

Before you talk to other people about ways to improve, let them see that you yourself are a product of self-improvement. Self-improvement makes us better, and then we inspire others and around the world to follow us.

Stop thinking about yourself as being a inferior being. Forget the repetitive thought “if I were richer … if I were weaker” and more. Accepting the true person is the first step for self-improvement. We need to stop comparing with others just to finally discover that we have 10 more reasons to envy them.

We all have moments of insecurity. Nobody is perfect. We always want to have better things, more beautiful features, more beautiful body parts, etc. But life does not have to be perfect for people to be content with themselves. Self-improvement and self-love do not mean to cry out to the world that you are perfect and that you are the best. It is the ability of acceptance and gratitude. When we begin to improve, we just begin to feel happy and satisfied.

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