Why bother marketing?

Let’s start by defining what the marketing means: marketing – is a tool of targeted approach to attract prospects for future conversion into a customer. Although, many people think that advertising, direct mail, email marketing, newsletters, billboards are all called marketing they are somewhat wrong. The reason for that is because marketing is an umbrella that has those tools under it. Marketing is very broad and employs many different approaches, strategies and techniques to make sure that the right customer is approached at the most appropriate time and with the most appropriate message to solve his needs. As mentioned above marketing is very broad. Old traditional methods of TV and radio commercials still persist but are more limited to the companies with bigger marketing budgets. It is very debatable as to how effective they are at our century of multimedia channels for delivering the message; although it is more about showing the prestige of your brand and its ability to showcase the power of the budget. Many large brands employ traditional methods of marketing to convert prospects or existing customers into an online activity and to sign them up with the online communities, forums, fan pages and etc.

Online Marketing

Online marketing for small business brings great results. Online marketing costs are much lower than paying for a TV or radio spot. Physically online is very price effective as you have to pay only to the people who manage the online portfolio, in comparison with producing just one 30 seconds TV commercial which can range from $300,000 to $700,000 on an average without the actual price paid to the channel for the regular or prime time. Where online marketer’s yearly wage can be just a quarter of the price of producing a TV ad. Online marketing is a very cost effective and wide spread approach customers, because when the online message gets on the internet there is no way to limit it in its ability. People share information and you have no idea how fast the message can be spread without any cost to you.

Online marketing tools:

There are several major online marketing tools, they are: social media which includes Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Stumble Upon and many other social networks which are totally free for you to spread your messages or you can use their advertising services. Google Business Solutions: Adwords which are also known as PPC (pay-per-click), Adsence (Google’s network), Google Places (put your name on the Google’s map) and many other. Online marketing agencies can also provide you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other services.

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