Business communications is a rapidly growing industry with many new trends being created and developed. Industry is far more advanced than it was even two to four years ago. It is constantly growing and becoming significantly large with several main key players. As mentioned there are only several major players in the telecom manufacturing space and you can pretty much count them all. The biggest names in the industry are: Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Mitel, Shoretel and several others. If you ever getting products from them you might expect at least some stability versus companies that are just climbing up their telecom success ladder. Although there are young companies that are successful in their telecom doings unfortunately they can’t compete at the same level as the telecom giants.

Let’s start by out lining what would a good telecom dealer look like:

First of all, let’s mention that the best choice for you would be a vendor who can provide you with multiple solutions or products at once. For example, someone who is licensed and certified to sell and service (very important to have both) several manufacturers at once, so let’s say they can propose NEC, Avaya and Shoretel at once. You might be asking, why is it important? Fair question! It is important because not everything that is offered might make scene. While Avaya IP Office is a good fit for many SMB’s it is fair to say that NEC SV8100 and SV8300 might out bid it by the price and cost implementation.

Second, your telecom dealer must realize that even though it is to his personal benefit to sell you with highest margin it is still his responsibility to solve your need at the most beneficial cost for you. You have to contact several dealers in order to initialize who is going to be the most appropriate person to work with.

Third, initialize what previous experience and customer references dealer has. If you have a big project and it’s going to cost you a good amount of money, it might be logical to put it out for tender and see who is going to submit. Having an ability to research previous customers and see their references will give you a great ability to dive deep into understanding the culture and tech abilities of the telecom service provider.

Fourth, experience and knowledge. Ask how many years of experience business has, keep in mind that number of years doesn’t mean current success as many thing might have changed. Things such as crew and operation management might have changed or business is going through current internal restructure and etc.

Every business regardless or its size, complexity or type of operation needs to communicate internally and externally with its clients. Sales teams require communication with prospects and current customer, tech or customer service teams has to provide support and so on. Business communication is critical, make sure you choose your provider wisely; otherwise you might suffer from telecom failures.

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