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Every successful company owns a part of its success to the employee engagement and motivation. Motivators are the biggest factors in making employees willing to work with passion and true belief in your company. As an owner, executive or management personal it is your job to keep your employees focused and willing to input their knowledge and skill to achieve higher results. Motivation is a key factor when it comes to engaging your workforce. It is well known that people are willing to work for you if you can offer a great work atmosphere. In addition, employees are willing to give up a certain amount of wage to have a good, friendly environment at work as found in “Understanding Employee Motivation” research.

What you need to do to motivate?

First of all, you have to trust your employees. The work atmosphere has to be easy going but with everybody knowing what they have to do. Your leadership has to be always visible and proven to the employees so that they understand that you are a success. There are many different motivation theories with strategies, techniques and tips. However, there are basic things that every employee needs in order to be motivated to work for you:

· Good work environment
· Ability to communicate with management
· Ability to generate and provide ideas
· Freedom of choice
· Ability to participate in company’s decision
· Wage

These are the most common things that employees look at when they looking for a firm to work for.

It is well known fact that engaged employees willing to produce more for the company then it actually cost to employ them. Motivation is the key for success of the company as people work in teams for the same goals and willing to achieve higher results. We can compare families with work teams. As in family we have different hierarchies and goals and can see one family unite working together to achieve that goal, workforce is the same thing if compiled properly into a team and given a task. Employees should know their clearly defined roles and must have a belief that in the case they are stacked on something there will be help from their peers and management.

Trust is one of the biggest sources to engage the team and individual employee to the process of attaining the needed goals. Motivation is the best source of energy to fuel employees’ belief that they are being noticed and that they work for the best result in the best company with the best team. It is management’s task to portray and truly hold the respect and will to show employees that they are valuable not only to the company but also as a personal friendship.

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